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ASCE GI WEBINAR: Using Instrumentation to Help Manage Risks to Transportation Infrastructure
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT
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ASCE Geo-Institute Los Angeles Webinar

Using Instrumentation to Help Manage Risks to Transportation Infrastructure

Presented by Dr. Allen Marr

Construction and operation of transportation facilities present a wide variety of risks to those involved as well as to the public. These risks arise principally from unknowns in subsurface conditions that may affect construction or performance, deficiencies in design or construction, unexpected loads, unexpected operating conditions, or degradation of a facility component over time. The consequences of such events can have significant impacts on schedule, quality, cost and operations. One way to reduce these uncertainties is to monitor key performance indicators in real-time with instrumentation to gain early warnings of potentially unacceptable performance so risk mitigation measures can be engaged before the consequences become large.

This presentation will review the nature of risks to typical transportation constructed facilities and show how performance monitoring with instrumentation can help identify emerging risks. It will review recent technological developments that make real-time monitoring most cost effective and help deliver value to owners. Several cases are presented to demonstrate achieved benefits from comprehensive monitoring programs. Some recommendations will be provided to help designers, contractors and owners derive the most benefit from a modern instrumentation program.

Cost: $20

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