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Kona Kai Resort & Spa
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Tuesday, April 09, 2019, 10:00 AM to Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 5:00 PM PDT
Category: Courses & Seminars


CalGeo will be holding morning and afternoon short courses ahead of our Annual Conference on April 9th and 10th, 2019. Short courses will be at the Kona Kai Resort on Shelter Island, San Diego, CA.

Tuesday April 9th

Ownership/Leadership Transition seminar

Presented by PSMJ (includes lunch) 10am - 4pm

Time and time again, PSMJ research shows that transition planning is one of the biggest long-term challenges facing A/E/C firm leaders.  Many are struggling to answer the question of who will run their firm tomorrow.  

But, instead of taking action to develop and implement a proven transition plan, too many firm leaders are putting it off...instead staying focused on near-term client demands, keeping backlog high, and other day-to-day priorities.  However, ignoring transition planning puts the firm's capitalization, clients, and employees in great say nothing of the evaporating shareholder value that is a near certainty.

For more than 40 years, PSMJ's transition planning experts have been helping A/E/C firm leaders to avoid the land mines and capitalize on the proven strategies that work to manage affordability, leadership development, and all of the other facets of this complex challenge.  Many of these ACTUAL transition planning mistakes that we've helped to fix or manage likely seemed innocuous at the time, but the impact was severe.


Members: $500 Early bird before Feb. 10, $650 after.

Non-members: $750 early bird before Feb. 10, $900 after.



Mission Impossible MMXIX: Understanding The California Prevailing Wage Law

Presented by Van Allyn Goodwin of Litter Law (includes lunch) 10am - 2pm

This extended seminar will include a discussion of The Basics (what is the prevailing wage requirement, when does it apply, and to whom must prevailing wage be paid) It will cover the topics and answer questions pertaining to

  • The collection of soil samples and any work performed by an engineer, off-site and lab work
  • Certified Payroll Reporting (what and when it is required, what must be included, electronic submission, registration of the project and as a “public work contactor,” and responding to requests for CPRs by awarding bodies and “members of the public”)
  • Apprenticeship Requirements (when does it apply, what does it entail, what is the ratio, to whom are Training Contributions payable, etc.)
  • Compliance Options and Strategies (how to satisfy the prevailing wage rate and apprenticeship requirements, classification/mis-classification issues, etc.).

This will be followed by “a deeper dive into the intricacies of the California Prevailing Wage Law,” including:

  • An interactive discussion of new developments such as AB 3018 and the “Skilled and Trained Workforce” requirement (what it means, when it applies and how it can be satisfied, and how can non-union firms comply)
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Municipal ordinances, resolutions and contracting policies adding prevailing wage requirements and/or requiring project labor agreements
  • Prevailing wage developments beyond those that apply to public works projects. 
  • New sexual harassment prevention training requirement that applies to California employers with 5 or more employees


Members: $135 Early bird before Feb. 10, $150 after.

Non-members: $225 early bird before Feb. 10, $250 after.



Wednesday April 10th

Slope Stability short course

Presented by Rocscience 8am - 12pm

Rocscience is back with their popular half-day short course on 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional slope stability analysis.

The objective of this course is to provide a background on numerical modelling for slope stability analysis using various Rocscience software tools (Slide, RS2, Slide3). Get the most out of the Rocscience slope stability suite through a balanced mixture of lectures and hands-on computer analysis using practical examples collected over the years.

Please bring a laptop with Rocscience software or download a trial version ahead of time.

*Lunch is included for all-day short course attendees 12pm - 1:30pm


Members: $180.  Non-members: $300



CPeT-IT and CLiq short course and worked examples - SOLD OUT

Presented by Dr. Peter K. Robertson 1:30pm - 5pm

Dr. Robertson will be demonstrating two software programs used to interpret CPT data through example data and case histories. This is a hands-on demonstration so please bring a laptop with the software or a trial version installed. Visit Geologismiki's website to download a free trial.

CPeT-IT takes Cone Penetration Test raw data and performs basic interpretation in terms of Soil Behaviour Type (SBT) and various other geotechnical parameters using the current published correlations based on the comprehensive review by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997), as well as recent updates by Professor Robertson.

CLiq is a soil liquefaction software that addresses advanced issues such as cyclic softening in clay-like soils and thin layer/layer transition zone detection. CLiq provides results and plots for each calculation step, starting with the basic CPT data interpretation through to final plots of factor of safety, liquefaction potential index and post-earthquake displacements, both vertical settlement and lateral displacements. CLiq provides consistent output results by applying the state-of-the-art NCEER method (Youd et al, 2001) along with the calibrated procedures for post-earthquake displacements by Zhang et al (2002 & 2004). It also includes the latest assessment procedure developed by Robertson (2009) which is applicable to all soil type combining a check for cyclic liquefaction (sands) and cyclic softening (clays)

A unique 2D feature provides a means of creating colorful contour maps of the overall liquefaction potential index (LPI) and post-earthquake vertical settlements in plan view thus allowing the user to visualize the spatial variation of liquefaction potential and settlements across a site. The variations of calculated post-earthquake settlements across a site allow estimates of differential settlements for a given site and design earthquake.

A parametric analysis feature allows the user to vary both the earthquake magnitude and surface acceleration to evaluate the sensitivity of both the overall liquefaction potential index and post-earthquake settlements as a function of earthquake loading and results are presented in a 3D graphical form.


Members: $180, Full-day bundle with CPT course $340 (includes lunch!)

Non-members: $300, Full-day bundle with CPT course $550 (includes lunch)

**Welcome reception (Wednesday 6-8pm) ticket can be purchased for an additional fee. Please join us!

We apologize but the CPT portion and therefore the full-day bundle package is SOLD OUT.

Hotel Information:

You can book online through our group portal or make your reservation by calling: 619-819-8175 and speaking with Liz Roesler. You can also reach her via e-mail and she will be more than happy to help you.

Our group rates start at only $199/night and include reduced rates for self-parking and WAIVED RESORT FEE (normally $27)!

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