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Student Outreach

There’s a shortage of geotechnical engineers in our industry, and our future will be determined by how effectively college students are encouraged to pursue geotechnical careers. CalGeo works with colleges and universities throughout the state to foster interest in the profession and help shape the industry’s future leaders.

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CalGeo Student Chapters

CalGeo currently supports the efforts of our student chapters at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Fullerton, San Diego State University, Cal State Los Angeles, and UC San Diego. Working in coordination with CalGeo's student outreach liaisons, engineering students host talks and site tours to advance their understanding of the industry and learn key skills to prepare them for entry into the consulting engineering profession.

CalGeo has expanded what it offers to students with an interest in geotechnical engineering including:

  • Funding initial chapter creation
  • Aiding in providing speakers from our member firms for local chapter meetings (VOLUNTEER NOW!)
  • Sponsorship of Geo-wall teams
  • Free registration to at least 2 members of each chapter for CalGeo's Annual Conference
  • Free attendance at Emerging Professional meetings and web-cast dinners
  • Discounted attendance at Regional Dinner meetings (only $20!)
  • Prize money to award winning chapters at CalGeo's Annual Conference (Best Poster, Most Active Chapter & Rising Star Award)
  • Creating on-line video content with Cue Career to aid students in discovering what geotechnical engineering is all about. Visit our Cue Career website or click the images below to see 3 video interviews of young professionals in the industry talk about their experiences and why they chose Geotechnical Engineering.





Each year students from each chapter are invited to attend the annual CalGeo conference where they attend professional presentations, compete for awards, and directly interact with industry leaders in the Geotechnical Engineering community. CalGeo continues to work on expanding the number of student chapters statewide, and we are striving establish active chapters in northern California.

Download Student Chapter Award & Prize Details

Your support of the student chapters help them reach their goals! Recently many of our student chapters have created comprehensive sponsorship requests. If you would like to help with their endeavors, please click on Sponsorship Request in the table below. Click on “Student Chapter” in the table for current updates on the student’s activities.

Cal Poly Pomona: Sponsorship Request  Student Chapter

Cal Poly SLO: Sponsorship Request   Student Chapter

CSUF: Sponsorship Request   Student Chapter

CSUN: Sponsorship Request 

UCLA: Sponsorship Request   Student Chapter

UCSD: Sponsorship Request   Student Chapter

If you would like to start a CalGeo Student Chapter please e-mail us for a list of the next steps.