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Geo-Institute Cross Country Lecture @ UCSD
39 N Jetty Rd.
San Diego, CA USA
Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM PDT
Category: Student Chapters

Geo-Institute Cross Country Lecture Tour @ UCSD

The Geo-Institute and CalGeo Student Chapters at UC San Diego are pleased to invite you to join us on Tuesday, April 16th (5:30-8:00 pm) for the ASCE Geo-Institute Cross-USA Lecture at University of California San Diego.

"Yield Stress of Soils from Cone Penetration Tests"

Presented by: Paul W. Mayne, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Stress history is an important measurement in soils as it affects strength, stability, stiffness, and flow characteristics. The evaluation of the in-situ pre-consolidation stress, or effective yield stress, from the results of piezocone penetration tests allows for an economical and expedient means to profile the stress history of clays, silts, sands, and mixed soil types on geotechnical projects. The methodology is initally based on a derived analytical cavity expansion - critical state solution for clays which was calibrated using data from 206 sites.  Then statistical inversion of data from 706 calibration chamber tests on sands. Applications are given for case studies involving clay, silt, and sand where laboratory consolidation tests and/or geologic stress history provide benchmark values for the yield stress profiles. Since yield stress demarcates contractive vs. dilative soil behavior, it is shown that the methodology can screen soil susceptibility concerns involving both flow and cyclic liquefaction, with several case studies shown relative to conventional approaches.


Paul W. Mayne. P.E., PhD, a professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has been selected as the 2018-2019 Cross-USA Lecturer for the Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

With 42 years in geotechnical engineering, Paul is an expert in geotechnical site characterization, particularly the cone penetrometer, piezocone, dilatometer, and seismic tests with applications to foundation systems and ground modification. He has published 320 technical papers and participated in 120 short courses.

Of recent, Paul authored the Synthesis 368 on Cone Penetration Testing (, co‐authored the SOA‐1: Geomaterial Behavior & Testing at the 17th ICSMGE in Egypt in 2009, gave the ASCE SOA lecture on In‐Situ Testing (GeoOakland 2012), 16th Sowers Lecture (2013), 12th Jennings Lecture in South Africa (2014), James Hoover Distinguished Lecture at Iowa State Univ. (2014), invited keynote KN2 at CPT’14, 2014 Hal Hunt Lecture at the 39th Annual DFI Conference, invited keynote at ISC‐5 Brisbane (2016), Nonveiller Lecture in Zagreb (2016), 34th Manuel Rocha Lecture in Lisbon (2017), and was selected as a GeoLegend by GeoStrata (2016).

Dr. Mayne is an active member of ASCE, TRB, DFI, ADSC, CGS, USUCGER, and ISSMGE, and served as chair of the international committee on in‐situ testing (TC 102) from 2000‐2013 and ISSMGE Vice President for North America from 2013‐2017. Of additional note, Paul has worked as a consultant on recent projects in Australia, Virginia, Washington, South Carolina, Ontario, Puerto Rico, Alabama, Georgia, Belgium, North Carolina, and Alaska.
He is married with one daughter and plays bass guitar.


ASML Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Structural and Materials Engineering Building, UC San Diego.

Guests can park their cars in one of the following parking lots for $3/Hr.
1- Gilman Parking Structure
2- Parking Lot P510

A reception with dinner will be served at the beginning of the event.

Event Information and Registration


Contact: [email protected]