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Courtyard Marriott Cal Expo
1782 Tribute Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
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Friday, May 03, 2019, 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
Category: Courses & Seminars

LPILE Software Demonstration & Short Course

Please join us on Friday morning for breakfast and a half-day revised short course on LPILE software provided by Ensoft.

We listened to your feedback after our 2018 full day course and have worked closely with Ensoft to revise the seminar to make it more hands-on, example based and really get you using the software. Space will be limited to allow for more hands-on instruction and Q&A so please register early.

The speaker will also spend 30-mins introducing the new PYWALL v2019.


7:00am Breakfast & registration

7:30am Short Course begins

9:00am 15-min Break

10:30am 15-min Break

12:00pm Conclusion

Cost: $250 for CalGeo members, $375 non-members

Want to join? Contact Kelly Cabal for information on becoming a member!

Thank you to Ensoft, our new Affiliate member for donating their time to prepare this specific course for CalGeo members after requests for a example and case-based seminar on the LPILE software. Ensoft provides one, two and three-day seminars in Austin Texas starting at $560/day if you are interested deepening your knowledge with their software program.

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About the Software:

LPILE is arguably the most advanced software for analyzing the response of any deep foundation element under lateral loads.  The new LPILE v2019 introduces the concept of "Equivalent Elastoplastic Moment Curvature," a definition used by engineers and consultants in seismic areas (based in technical documentation from CALTRANS) to define the formation of plastic hinges in piles analyzed under extreme loading or for push-over analyses.  The post-hinge behavior is clearly defined in the deflection curves for pushover models.  LPILE v2019 also introduces the ability to open data files with complete soil layering and properties defined by the new EnCPT v2019 program.  This separate program allows geotechnical consultants to offer to their clients new services for detailed interpretation of their CPT tests into various layering and soil properties that can be used quickly and customized in LPILE v2019 models.  Finally, LPILE v2019 allows the optional input of a nonlinear moment-vs-rotation curve at the pile tip that can be used to account for the response of short or very large diameter piles.  A new 3D View graphics is produced to more easily observe and present LPILE models and main results.

The PYWALL v2019 is a powerful tool for analyzing flexible retaining walls (continuous, sheetpile or soldier pile).  This software uses soil-structure interaction (SSI) methods with nonlinear soil responses and nonlinear material responses.  It provides the engineers with a tool that can quickly and easily analyze multiple variations of the wall model, changing material properties, various heights/dimensions, soil types, tieback locations and/or prestressing forces, loading criteria, etc.  As a difference to traditional limit-equilibrium analyses, the SSI methods in PYWALL allow the user to observe predicted lateral movements and demand of bending moments of the wall under various conditions.  The simple but powerful interface of PYWALL allows users to make easy changes of the model to study multiple options in a short period of time -- quite a difference from alternative finite-element models with higher complexity and much lower flexibility for making significant changes of the wall model.  The new PYWALL v2019 also allows the input of load factors and separate strength reduction factors to model LRFD requirements (feature which is also difficult to replicate in FEM models).

Contact: Kelly Cabal, [email protected] (949) 391-2436 with any questions.