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Thank you for being a member of CalGeo and supporting our goals of advancing the geotechnical engineering profession and community within California. We hope to do this by being a resource for your professional development and enrichment, networking and community growth as well as a path for developing leadership training and skills. We hope you will consider getting involved in our organization by joining a committee or board.

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Visit our Online Learning Library for a complete archive of our recent webinars and courses. Purchase access to older courses and learn at your own speed. Watch free Emerging Professional Webinars and more - for free!

Salary Survey

Each year we send out a request for information for our salary survey. The data is usually due by the end of April. This is your chance to participate and receive a free copy of the completed survey! Members that don't participate must pay $500 for a copy.

Data is confidential and made anonymous after acceptance. Questions on how to participate? Email [email protected].

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Please take a moment to visit your Profile and update the information in our system. Feel free to add a profile photo so that we can all learn each other's faces! Once you are in the Profile section, hover over the tab at the top to quickly access your subscription preferences, invoices and messages.

Use the quick links above to access our Member Directory, Calendar of Events, Discussion Forms and Specific Committees you may already be a member of. If you are interested in joining a committee and getting more involved, we'd love to have you! Please e-mail [email protected] for more information on CalGeo's committees and how you can be a part of our community.